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The success of an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) project depends on various factors. One of the most important is the legal assessment of the  project. Althought the industry of Blockchain is quite unregulated, when dealing with other people’s money it’s crucial to make sure that the ICO project is not breaking any laws every step of the way. ICO Legal Advisor with its services helps Blockchain and ICOs projects to avoid legal issues that can compromise the entire activities.

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We help ICO projects to protect their and the investors’ interests

White Paper legal assessment. ICO Legal Advisor provides the terms and condition for the White Paper along with a legal assessment of the entire document and advises about the legal issues and risks related to the project, since investors, regulators (and even courts) rely on the white paper to understand how the new issued token works. ICO Legal Advisor coordinates as well its process with the technical team and advisors who work on the functioning of the coin/token model and the business model.

Token Model Review. ICO Legal Advisor provides a legal assessment and a complete review of the token model adopted by the ICO project, in order to verify the compliance of such model with the law and regulations, and suggests the possible remedies for potential issues.

Regulatory & KYC/AML aspects evaluation. The issuance of new coins or tokens requires a regulatory check, in order to ensure the full compliance with all the possible regulations which are in force, including AML. ICO Legal Advisor moreover verifies if the issuing of the new coins or tokens requires or not a prior authorization from any financial authority. ICO Legal Advisor verifies if the new issued coins or tokens shall be considered as (i) Payment Tokens, (ii) Utility Tokens or (iii) Asset Tokens, according to the definition provided by the FINMA (the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority), with all the legal consequences with reference to the Anti Money Laundring regulation. ICO Legal Advisor provides as well a legal review of the KYC model adopted for the ICO.

Terms & Conditions / Token Sale Agreement. ICO Legal Advisor helps clients in drafting the Terms & Conditions, as well as the Token Sale Agreement, related to the ICO project, taking into account all the relevant juristictions and the applicable laws for the public or private token sale.

Intellectual Property protection. ICO Legal Advisor helps the ICO project with the worldwide registration and protection of its new and already existing Intellectual property, such as trademarks, patents, domain names, copyright, know-how and trade secrets, in order to ensure the maximum enforcement of any possible Intellectual Property right.

Company Structure & Tax Evaluation. ICO Legal Advisor helps the ICO project to evaluate which company structure is the most appropriate for its purposes. ICO Legal Advisor advises as well on the possiible tax treatment for the kind of company chosen for the ICO project and also for the founders and for any other subject holding the tokens issued with the ICO.

Company setup. ICO Legal Advisor helps its Clients with the incorporation, administration and management of the Company needed in order to run the ICO project. Through its partners network ICO Legal Advisor helps the ICO project with accounting & bookkeeping, tax declarations, insurances, secretarial services, domiciliation services, payments, payroll.

GDPR Compliance. Since European data protection law now applies worldwide, in addition to businesses that are established in the European Union, also businesses that are located outside the EU processing personal data in relation to the offer of goods or services to individuals within the EU, or as a result of monitoring individuals within the EU, shall comply to the European data protection law. Non-EU based businesses shall therefore consider whether they should be subject to the GDPR and how they shall comply. ICO Legal Advisor helps its Clients by checking if the Blockchain / ICO project is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and if all the requirements are met.

Legal Opinion. ICO Legal Advisor provides its Clients with legal opinions and due diligence regarding the compliance of the ICO project with the local and international law and regulations requirements.

ICO & Commercial Agreements. ICO Legal Advisor helps its Clients with the drafting and the reviewing of all the ICO project related agreements, including any kind of commercial agreement the project may need (i.e. Memorandum of Understanding, Financing agreement, Employment agreement, Advisory agreement, etc.).

Legal Audits.The launch of an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a FinTech activity which is quite unregulated in most of the jurisdictions. ICO Legal Advisor provides legal audit services focused on the verification of the compliance of the ICO Project internal processes and documentation to the existing best practices in the ICO/blockchain field, and to the existing local regulations (where applicable).

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ICO Legal Advisor – Meet Our Team

We are an array of creative advisors dedicated to doing great work for great clients.

Marco Sala


Marco is a Fintech and an intellectual property legal specialist with 20 years of experience as advisor for multinational real estate, insurance and telecommunication companies. Marco is founder and CEO at Archilex Consulting SA, a leading Intellectual Property Management and Fintech law consultancy company active in multiple international jurisdictions.

Thomas Contin


Thomas is managing partner at Archilex Consulting SA. He is an experienced lawyer with over 15 years of experience in the field of IT and Intellectual Property Law. He is legal advisor for several ICO projects as well as for many companies in the FinTech and crypto field. Thomas advises clients from local companies to large multinationals.

Richard Zoni


Richard holds a degree in computer science and brings more than 15 years of experience in Business Development to the project. Richard is a Big Believer in Bitcoin and Blockchain and a Crypto Investor. He has an extensive experience in sales management roles at organizations including Nozomi Networks, Amazon Web Services, VASCO Data Security, Itway.

Our Tech Partner

For the development of Smart Contracts & Blockchain technologies, ICO Legal Advisor works closely with Cryptodus UAB, in order to provide a complete solution for the ICO/Blockchain projects of its clients.

Our Business Partners

ICO Legal Advisor offers to its clients a comprehensive network of business partners in pursuance of meeting their needs and providing them with a complete support thorugh all the steps of the ICO/Blockchain project.

Our Business Partners

ICO Legal Advisor offers to its clients a comprehensive network of business partners in pursuance of meeting their needs and providing them with a complete support thorugh all the steps of the ICO/Blockchain project.

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